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Vacation Gains


Yo basically I did this by accident. The week before vacation I really pushed on the gas. 10 lbs of hanging for an hour followed by narrow tube pumping for close to an hour and then a vigorous Edging session. This was done every day for a week. Then whole on vacation no PE. First of all I was super horny on vacation, traveling always puts my sex drive into overdrive, but never to this level. Secondly my flaccid size was insane the entire week. Like close 6.5 inches if I had to estimate. Came home yesterday and after a good nights sleep it seems that I have gained 1/16 of an inch in that time off. It could be more since the camera is closer to me than in the two prior making the measurement appear shorter but we shall stick with the more conservative estimate. This brings me to my hypothesis. In some advanced muscle building routines an overloading week is scheduled… This also know as an over reaching phase. Where you break down as much muscle as you can in that week. The week following is a deload week where you give your muscles ample time to heal from the hell you put them through the week prior. This causes them to grow at an accelerated rate compared to baseline. I wondering if my little growth spurt is following the same principles as that hypertrophy program just with connective and penile tissue. Disclaimer: I am aware the angles of the photo do not align perfectly and the NBPEL is not at 0. My upwards curve is not condusive to measuring as my head ends below my base once the ruler is parallel leading to some funny business at the base.