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Penis enlargement does work

There is a man-made penis enlargement device that does make your penis growth. This penis stretcher device was developed in Europe and certified as medical. Using this penis extender, you can add from 1 to 3 inches over a six-month period if used 2 hours or more per day. The basic principle behind this device is traction force that stretches the penis shaft and make penis cells divide and multiply. At average, the penis growth device cost from $300 to $400 however quality does matter and generally cheap devices will bend witch cause slippage they are also harder to adjust how much traction force you will use.

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Penis stretchers, penile surgery and jelqing

Penis stretcher device

Penis stretcher devices are specially made by doctors to apply a steady controlled force on penis shaft. This is the only scientific prove and medical approved method to achieve permanent penis growth. In this site you can find review of penis stretcher devices available on the market.

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Penis surgery

It works, but is risk. The basic principle for penis lengthening surgery consists in cutting the penis ligament, after the surgery is mandatory the use of medical traction device to guarantee permanent results. To gain girth silicone (PMMA) is injected in the penis shaft expanding the penis tissue and enlarging the girth.

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Jelq is penis exercise routines that consist basically in the use of the thumb to force blood flow from the penis base to the gland, the blood pressure over tissue wall will force cell division and multiplication. Before any routine a warm-up session should be performed and then follow-up by stretching.

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Penis pumps, patch and penis enlargement pills

Penis pumps

By inserting the penis in a cylindrical chamber and removing the air the penis blood will force the tissue walls achieving an erection. Penis pumps are used on erection dysfunction treatment in some cases; pumps are not medical approved for penis enlargement.

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Penis enlargement patch is just a natural product that improves penis blood flow; it can’t enlarge the penis by itself. But can improve erection hardness and with will make a Jelq routine easier. Better blood flow can speed penis healing process.

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Penis enlargement pills are the big myth in the penis enlargement industry. Unfortunately enhancement pills don’t work for penis growth, company are not even allowed claim that a pill can increase the penis size as supplements can’t make body changes.

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Yes, enlargement works!

Pressure is the key. You can notice that female breast change shape as the age progress. This is because of gravity pulling force acting on the tissue of the breast. The same effect can be observed on pregnancy when the baby exerts pressure against stomach wall enlarging the stomach skin.

From ancient times, people from different culture have used pressure and traction force to permanently change their bodies. The Mursi tribe use plates to enlarge their lips up to 9 inches (25cm). The plate acts like an expander due its huge dimensions. The giraffe women use rings to force the ribs growth down and enlarge their necks.

The same pressure and pulling forces can be applicable to penile enlargement, by using for constant time a modern penis traction device that exerts a pull of 400-1500 grams along the length of the penis. Causing a body reaction that generates new cells inside the penis. The cells will growth in all directions, so the penis grows in both length and thickness.

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What about penis enhancement?

Magic penis enlargement pills ads are common, not only on adult magazine but all over the Internet. Until now there no proofs that a penis enlargement pill can permanent enlarge the penis. This kind of pill can generally increase the penis blood flow causing a temporary and limited penis growth.

Besides there is a new generation of penis enhancement pill that really work as sex improvement. They generally combine all natural supplements that can improve the penis blood flow and help erection dysfunction treatment. They are not powerful like chemical drugs however effective on erection hardness and generally free of undesirable side effects.

In best penis enhancement pills formula is common find ingredients that can help overall day by day energy and boost sexual performance. The sperm count and semen volume can also be improved by an addition of herbs on penis enhancement pills formula. Enhancement pills can also help any stretcher or jelq routine the special ingredients blend will speed the penis tissue healing.

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