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Penis enlargement does work

Since the dawn of time man dream of a larger penis 

Routine Management

Measure your size, set your goal and track results.

Science Based

Learn from published scientific papers.

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Penis stretcher devices are specially made by doctors to apply a steady controlled force on penis shaft. This is scientific prove and medical approved method to achieve permanent penis growth. In this site you can find reviews of best penis stretcher devices available on the market.


By inserting the penis in a cylindrical chamber and removing the air the penis blood will force the tissue walls achieving an erection. Penis pumps are used on erection dysfunction treatment in some cases.


Jelq is a penis exercise routine that consist in the use of the thumb to force blood flow from the penis base to the gland, the blood pressure over tissue wall will force cell division and multiplication. Before any routine, a warm-up session should be performed and then follow-up by stretching.

Results driven by community

Track and anonymous publish your penis development performance, see others results to be motivated.  

Before and After

I reached my original goal and will now finally step away from PE. Maybe I'll do some stretches and pumping now and then, but I am choosing not to let it consume me in an endless quest for more. So, I’m hanging up the routine. It actually worked.
David Garcia
45 years
From 6.3" to 7.5" bone pressed. Took about a year and half worth of workouts. I adore it because it's simple and so effective. A lot of people ask about manual workouts here.
Robert Johnson
56 years
Road to 6.5 inches it is lads. This shit really works man but do not think it comes straight away. I started on May 11th and made sure I worked hard every day. Please lads stick to your routine and you will see massive results!
James Smith
24 years

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