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1 Month Progress

Via Reddit: Okay it’s been a month! First week I did BD’s manuals, both length and girth. I liked the length work but I found the girth work difficult so I’ll get into why real quick. I found I needed to watch porn constantly… Read More »1 Month Progress

120 Days of Gains

Just want to update my progress! It’s been 4 months ever since I began PE. I’m relatively satisfied with my girth gains (for now) and for that reason I’m switching to a length focused routine. Before I do I just want to dive into my… Read More »120 Days of Gains

2021 Before After

A week pumping for 30 minutes edge clamping for 20. 1-3 protocol. Just cardio. Don’t really see the point of angion anymore. I have taken DHT in the past but not in the past few months. Starting in March, I started an 8 week decon… Read More »2021 Before After

Pump Heat Pad

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2.5 Tube with Heat Pad via

Hydromax7 Progress

I can usually fill it in under 30 minutes now. It definitely took a bit longer when I first started with water, going from air pumping to bathmate was an adjustment in itself lol Via

10 years of progress

“Many always ask how much I’ve been able to grow over the years – so I found 3 similar photos from a decade of pumping. Many ask on routine. I don’t keep a routine, I pump when I feel horny for it – for the… Read More »10 years of progress