2021 Before After

A week pumping for 30 minutes edge clamping for 20. 1-3 protocol. Just cardio. Don’t really see the point of angion anymore. I have taken DHT in the past but not in the past few months. Starting in March, I started an 8 week decon… Read More »2021 Before After

Pump Heat Pad

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2.5 Tube with Heat Pad via https://www.reddit.com/r/Pumping/comments/qqih8s/packing_your_tube_is_a_lot_easier_when_you_use_a/

Hydromax7 Progress

I can usually fill it in under 30 minutes now. It definitely took a bit longer when I first started with water, going from air pumping to bathmate was an adjustment in itself lol Via https://www.reddit.com/r/Pumping/comments/p4t84e/filled_the_hydromax7_this_morning_swipe_for/

10 years of progress

“Many always ask how much I’ve been able to grow over the years – so I found 3 similar photos from a decade of pumping. Many ask on routine. I don’t keep a routine, I pump when I feel horny for it – for the… Read More »10 years of progress

0.5-0.8 girth over 9 months

These are my answers for my experiences. Others experiences may differ. So don’t take my word as gospel. Routine: manual stretches 20min. Pump 20 min first thing in am. Then 15-45 min stretching prior to bed. Permanent gains: About 0.5-0.8 girth depending on EQ over… Read More »0.5-0.8 girth over 9 months

10 Months Flaccid Gain

After 8 months of total PE. Routine: 20 min manual stretching 20 min bathmate 20-30 min manual stretching before bed 6-7 days a week Erect gains 0.7 inch girth, 1 inch length

Narrow Tube Progress

using 1.75 but my midshaft girth is with 1/8 of the the inner circumference so I pack it within the first 5 minutes Hanging before pumping. This time it was a little bit of water and trojan water based lube. Worked pretty well actually.