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Beginner Gains

Via First off sorry for the background erased/edited photos. Last thing I need is getting fired from my job for pics of my Johnson on the internet XD. My wife would actually kill me. She definitely doesn’t know i’m posting it on the interwebs… Read More »Beginner Gains

First Month Progress

Via reddit:

Getting Lean


1 Month Progress

Via Reddit: Okay it’s been a month! First week I did BD’s manuals, both length and girth. I liked the length work but I found the girth work difficult so I’ll get into why real quick. I found I needed to watch porn constantly… Read More »1 Month Progress

2 Years of progress

From reddit: “I know I know, they aren’t measured. And they aren’t the exact angles etc. I get it. These are more evidence of the real world differences I see (IMO). Youre probably sick of these but I look back at old pics/videos and I… Read More »2 Years of progress

Three Stage Pump Progress

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It usually takes me an hour to my biggest point. The size usually last around 1-2 hours afterwards then. I want to try to go longer to get better results but have to invest in a more quality pump.

7 months of stretch

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Well. I haven’t got any fancy stuff- just use zip ties on piece of cloth which I wrap my penis around and then I use (dunno how to call it, I’m not native English speaker) elastic rope (?xd) and lay down on my bed every… Read More »7 months of stretch

120 Days of Gains

Just want to update my progress! It’s been 4 months ever since I began PE. I’m relatively satisfied with my girth gains (for now) and for that reason I’m switching to a length focused routine. Before I do I just want to dive into my… Read More »120 Days of Gains