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before and after

1.5 years of work

Via Did pe for a year or so unreliably in early 2000s. Gained my newbie half inch rather quick from lig stretching. Did manuals and the archaic showercap hanging method back then. Always did manuals over the years but just for a min or… Read More »1.5 years of work

First Month Progress

Via reddit:

Getting Lean


2 Years of progress

From reddit: “I know I know, they aren’t measured. And they aren’t the exact angles etc. I get it. These are more evidence of the real world differences I see (IMO). Youre probably sick of these but I look back at old pics/videos and I… Read More »2 Years of progress

7 months of stretch

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Well. I haven’t got any fancy stuff- just use zip ties on piece of cloth which I wrap my penis around and then I use (dunno how to call it, I’m not native English speaker) elastic rope (?xd) and lay down on my bed every… Read More »7 months of stretch

Too large for wifey

Via: NOTE: Measurements Changes in size are from 20 days apart. I am on PED’s one that is specifically used for Penis enlargement. These results are not typical and what I am doing is considered risky.