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Penis Filler Before and After


HA filler isn’t permanent, it usually last about 12-18 months and then you need touch ups. It’ll cost you between 5k-10k usually, depends on how much filler you get. It doesn’t improve length, except in flaccid due to the weight.

I just spoke with them. They said it isn’t a filler technically and that it is a patented formula developed 15 years ago by the dude who runs these clinics across the US. You can get a 3/4″ girth increase with each treatment on the shaft and about 1/2″ on the glans max. The stuff they inject in you is supposed to stimulate your body into making its own collagen so there’s that. Damn…if I got two treatments, which they recommend with most patients, I’d be like 7″girth ?? that’s a bit much