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Pandemic Gains (clamping and hanging)

clamping progress

From Zerg95 :

Manuals I did; S2S, worked up to 6×50 started at about 3×50. Straight down, up and btc all held for as long as possible, typically when grip gave out. Goal was to get up to 5mins, then build after that. Routine was 2 on 1 off. Also used time pressure holds towards the end of my manual only

As I progressed, my hands started to affect my lifting, so I got an spring extender. Was solid but it eventually fell of my standing desk and broke. Got a leluv extender and thats been awesome.

Maybe 2 months I got a vac setup from TuffBrandz and a cable cuff. Started at 2.5lbs and just got up to 6lbs this wk. Gonna be more consistent, see what I can gain. Using the cable cuff to shockload as I was using time pressure holds, but hands have gotten sore.

Still doing some manuals, I have implemented the blue whale stretch which has definitely been helping. I do have a ruler pic that I will show once I have an inch lol.

Ive done PE in the past but was never this consistent. Used to jelq ALOT, and my eq used to be trash.