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First Month Progress

Via reddit:


In summary, the Reddit user is pleased with the initial results of their penile enhancement journey. He has been primarily focusing on manual exercises for length work and recently started using the Apex Extender. He is still getting the hang of it but hopes to see more benefits in the coming months. For girth enhancement, he utilizes pumping techniques with the Leluv and Bathmate devices, following the interval method.

Not sure where to start. VERY happy to just see some results so far, not going to lie i had been feeling like i didnt gain anything 😅 but excited to see the needle moving.

Currently I’ve done mostly manuals for length work. My Apex Extender arrived a week or so ago but im still going thru the learning curve with the vacuum water trick. Hopefully by my next update (3 month) I will have mastered using it to how much more it helps.

For girth i just pump. I have a Leluv & Bathmate so i use whichever pretty much daily. I do the interval method. 5 sets of 2min, 5min rest, then 5 sets of 2min again. I do this once a day usually.

Will follow up with month 3 post, then probably just progress pic every 6 months or year so i dont spam the community wit D pics.

You guys keep me motivated 💪🏾 Much gains and progress to all 💯