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Cum Holy Grails 2.0

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Cum Holy Grail 2.0

I have a huge fetish for this and a recipe for cum volume has been requested multiple times in the last few weeks… so here’s my recipe. It’s similar to the original cum holy grail, just a little better in my experience. On top of that, I highly recommend you design a green shake that works for you with some pineapple (wink wink).

Zinc 30mg w/ Selenium

Pygeum 500mg (EDITED… The 500mg capsules on amazon are working wonderfully)

Lecithin 1200mg

L-Citrulline – 4.5-9g. Studies have shown citrulline to be much better for nitric oxide than arginine. 100% recommend buying in bulk or using a preworkout with an efficacious dose of citrulline.

Lysine 1000mg extra strength also works for me and it’s good for your skin.

Maca 500mg extra potency – mostly just makes your erections even harder and intensifies sensation for me, but it gives headaches over time so I wouldn’t recommend taking it long term. Recommend you don’t take this for more than 5 days at a time, or every other day.

Make some green shakes with pineapple, spinach, celery, and whatever else you want to add, you’ll thank me later. I recommend you don’t do it if you don’t have pineapple though because it’ll taste like shit and you won’t want to drink it. Add your celery seeds to this if you want, or just take them with water.

I recognize it’s pretty similar to the original cum holy grail, but 50mg zinc is too much to take daily, and the green shake, maca, and lecithin have very noticeable improvements for me.

On top of all that, improving your overall health by eating lots of veggies, fruit, lean meats, and exercising can make a night and day difference.

u/DevDom316 here you go my friend 🙂

EDIT: Guys this is assuming you’ve optimized your water intake! Staying hydrated is extremely important as well!


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