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Cum Holy Grails 2.0

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Cum Holy Grail 2.0 I have a huge fetish for this and a recipe for cum volume has been requested multiple times in the last few weeks… so here’s my recipe. It’s similar to the original cum holy grail, just a little better in my… Read More »Cum Holy Grails 2.0

18 Months Progress

Yo so, my current BPEL measurement is a little off, I tooke .25 off to compensate putting me at 8.25 BPEL with the curve. ( Without the curve I’m at 8.0 bpel)I understand this is not how they do it in studies but this how… Read More »18 Months Progress

2011 Scientific Study

This is a study published in 2011 looking at 23 men with self-reported “short penises”. They were started on penis extenders and progress was monitored for 3 months. They started wearing the penis extender for 4-6 hours for the first two weeks then increased to… Read More »2011 Scientific Study

Vacation Gains

Yo basically I did this by accident. The week before vacation I really pushed on the gas. 10 lbs of hanging for an hour followed by narrow tube pumping for close to an hour and then a vigorous Edging session. This was done every day… Read More »Vacation Gains

Phallosan 400 hours

I’ve had slow progress so far but I’ve been consistent. I used an noose extender for 3 months (adding extension and making gains) but I worried that the noose was going to create scar tissue so I stopped. Now I’ve used the phallosan for 8+… Read More »Phallosan 400 hours

10 Months Flaccid Gain

After 8 months of total PE. Routine: 20 min manual stretching 20 min bathmate 20-30 min manual stretching before bed 6-7 days a week Erect gains 0.7 inch girth, 1 inch length

Progress stretching over 7.25

MyLifeBeLikeOohAah using Autoexender: My routine is vacuum extending 6+ hours daily, and vacuum hanging > 1 hour daily. I also cable clamp 30 mins EOD. The value of this post is as proof for when I post the pic of my 8” dick