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before and after

Before and after pictures, video and testimonials.

Narrow Tube Progress

using 1.75 but my midshaft girth is with 1/8 of the the inner circumference so I pack it within the first 5 minutes Hanging before pumping. This time it was a little bit of water and trojan water based lube. Worked pretty well actually.

6 Months Pump Progress

Via MrKotter: These are approx 6 months apart. Not exactly sure of how long in tube for each. Was rare to fully pack, now time in tube is greatly reduced. Seeing progress after few plateaus where couldn’t steadily fill the tube, now seem to be… Read More »6 Months Pump Progress

4 months progress

0.4 Inch (1cm) In 4 Months

 Almost 0.4 Inch (1 cm) added in 4 months along with improvement in girth. (