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BPEL is the way to go tracking

From Reddit:


Ideally, it is recommended to track both BPEL and NBPEL measurements for a comprehensive understanding of progress. While NBPEL is harder to manipulate and should grow at a similar rate to BPEL, visible length concerns might arise, making it valuable to have both measurements on hand. The journey of personal enhancement began during the second COVID-19 lockdown, where initial measurements revealed a gap between BPEL and NBPEL. Through weight loss, improved EQ, and continued penile exercises, significant progress was observed, but it was essential to track BPEL as the visible length gains were primarily attributed to other factors. Anabolic substance usage, recomposition, and COVID-19 effects were also discussed, leading to the latest measurements indicating a decrease in fat pad and potential differences between BPEL and NBPEL gains.

BUT IDEALLY you track both.

A) Redundancy… NBPEL is much harder to cheat it should grow at the same rate as BPEL if not a little faster
B) Some people get ornery about visible length so just to shut them up. Have both on hand

When I first started gettingbigger… It was during the second lockdown for covid in my area. But in that time I got in the worst shape of my life and I was going to get married at the beach in 3 month… I had to make up time quick

at that point I was 7.6 BPEL but only 6.25 NBPEL… my ego did not let me accept that fact so I made excuses like EQ and my curve… but quite frankly I was very un-healthy and so was my dick.

Fast forward to May 2021… I lost 26 lb in 3 months… just by switching to the vertical diet and doing cardio before and after my weight lifting

I was still doing PE. And got up to 8 BPEL with 7.125 Exposed length… meaning I gained 4/10 of an inch in that time but looking at just visible length… it was almost an inch INSANE I know… but that’s why we need to track BPEL as most of that change of visible length was from weight loss and EQ. NOT new tissue

I chose this point as this was when I went on anabolics seriously ( but also responsibly) so for the next year or so I bulked to 226 ( not shown) got called fat on here (lol) and slowly recompped my way back down to where I am at now.

November 2023 I caught covid… pretty seriously not hospitalized but man it was close… and during that time I lost 6 lb of fat but like half an inch of my dick. COVID fucks with every cell in you body from brain, to muscle to endothelial. We don’t know why it is so severe yet but If you caught it, there is a good chance it really hurt your EQ for a few months


fast forward to today… these photos were taken just after my vacation to Maui… that’s 10 hours of flying so I am still pretty jet lagged. However, I needed to make a log… I came out to be the same size as last month… I am going to wait a couple days before I measure again to be sure.

but during that session I saw that my fat pad is SMALL compared to what it used to be my BPEL was 8.3 but my NBPEL is just over 8.

so if we just went off the data… I gained 1.75 NBPEL but only .7 BPEL ( which I think is slightly higher)

even though I have more dick to use…. I did not grow almost 2 inches in length in that time.

the bottom line is. Track both ideally report both.

also threw in my body shots to show off

I got about 5-10 lb to lose until I am absolutely crazy looking but I am not in a rush to get there

for context I am about 6’2 barefoot after getting some spinal compression resolved so 220 on me looks pretty normal…