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Beginner Gains


First off sorry for the background erased/edited photos. Last thing I need is getting fired from my job for pics of my Johnson on the internet XD. My wife would actually kill me. She definitely doesn’t know i’m posting it on the interwebs either haha!

I am about 1 month into PE. Background is i’m middle age male, 5’7″, and 120 lbs (yes pretty skinny but hitting the gym now). Bonepressed and non-bonepressed make very very little difference in my measurement as a result.

To start, I have yet to get all the necessary equipment to fully dive into my PE journey so as of now I am specifically focusing on pumping and manual work until i get my hands on an APEX!

Starting length: 4.9×4.3125 – measured with measuring tape Current length: 5.5×4.5 – measured with a 1.75″ cylinder (bonepressed)

Starting length was measured 6 months ago + pics taken quite a bit before I started PE. Most recent measurement was post rest day and pre-routine.

I believe the overall majority of my gains thus far have been almost strictly due to 2 factors. The first being increased EQ and the second being my suspensory ligament loosening from pumping. As for my girth, it is very hard to measure since in the time it takes me to measure my girth, my penis usually softens a bit which takes down from the measurement in the time I go to take a photo. My max erect girth is around 4.5 but it can go down to 4.3 pretty instantly if i’m not stimulated physically so I want to work on that.

To start, my erections would be about 55° to the upside and I was barely able to move it down. This posed difficulty in the bedroom for me and inability to try other positions due to suspensory ligament pain. Now it is more flexible; which i believe to be the root of my current gains. My penis is also curved upwards which has been the root reason why I couldn’t go into pumping with a 100% erection on. I could barely fit into the 1.75″ due to this issue so i’d have to pump non-fully erect. The curve is seen in photo.

Goals: My overall goal is to hit 6″×5″.

Current routine – 3 days on/1 day off:


Beginners routine 3.0 (just added… will do everyday; no rest days)


Tunica Release (just added)

10 minutes interval pumping (5 sets×2 mins) @ 5-8hg I am thinking of upping this to 20 minutes.

20 minutes w ring on the base [which I usually go onto ejaculate with the ring on]

Would LOVE feedback on this -> 1). Previously i’d do 3sets×2 minutes with the 1.5″ then switch to the 1.75″ for the rest of the pumping routine but I’m not sure if it would be more optimal to make an entire day specifically for the small cylinder length work or just continue to use it as the warmup. The 1.5″ definitely hurts more compared to the 1.75 in terms of that feeling of stretching. Even at only 5hg. 2). What is the optimal order for tunica release, pumping, and beginners routine 3.0? I was thinking Beginners routine 3.0 in the morning and then tunica release/ pumping later in the day. Or should I do it back to back to back? In what order? 3). If I do the Beginners routine separate, should I do the 5 minute tunica release routine before that as well? That would mean tunica release 2x a day 4). When measuring girth pre-routine, should I wear a cock ring or no?

I have gotten up to 5″ MSEG while wearing a ring post pump and was astonished by the size! There was definitely significant edema that helped me get to that size tho. Hence that being my goal. I am not sure how realistic that goal is but I am up for the challenge! In the pump I peak at around 6″ as well hence that being my overall length goal.

Lastly, thank you to this community. This has been a big source of anxiety and lack of self confidence throughout my entire life. Yoy guys have given me hope on something I believed was impossible to change my entire life. I am really going to enjoy this journey! I will begin to take progress pics once every 2 weeks or so. Also will be measuring once a week pre-routine the day following a rest day and documenting said results! Will begin to measure more in depth starting from here on out (BPSFL, BPEL, etc). My wife has already noticed my Penis being more flexible which has motivated me more than ever to become consistent!!! She also was suprised the other day when I walked in post pump routine rocking a 5″ girth haha! PE is seriously changing my life and confidence in the bedroom!

I cannot wait to see if I am ever able to obtain my goal of 6″ by 5″. Curious if you guys think it is possible in 12 months? Love yall