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10 years of progress


“Many always ask how much I’ve been able to grow over the years – so I found 3 similar photos from a decade of pumping. Many ask on routine. I don’t keep a routine, I pump when I feel horny for it – for the pleasure… and when / if my FWBs want to feel some serious mass. These photos show how far I’ve been able to grow and grow and grow. Those that follow me know there has been permanent size increase when not pumped. In 2010 I was barely filling a 2.5”, and now in 2021 I can pack a 3.25” wide tube with cock only. I also started pumping my balls and doing full package more in 2015 which is the middle photo — and you can see that when full package pumping , the size really unlocks. I don’t often pump to my max size – it just takes time I don’t often have… maybe once a year now. But it’s nice be able to be any size in between for a night of fun.”

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