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1 Month Progress

Via Reddit:

Okay it’s been a month! First week I did BD’s manuals, both length and girth. I liked the length work but I found the girth work difficult so I’ll get into why real quick. I found I needed to watch porn constantly through the girth work if I wanted to sustain an erection through the exercises. I also found the modded jelqs very challenging, it was like I could either A: squeeze hard enough to keep my dick engorged but feel pain and large amounts of discomfort or B: not squeeze hard enough and lose my erection halfway through. I decided to order a pump, I got the LeLuv manual air pump with 1.75 cylinder. So week 2 I was no longer doing girth work but still did length work. Week 3 I get my pump! I used it 2 times doing 2 sets of 10 minutes at 5hg (or whatever the gauge says at 5). I had pretty huge donuts from those, big surprise /s. So I swapped to interval pumping and did that once. Then tragedy struck, a family member passed away and I had to leave immediately for it. This meant no PE work as I was in a crowded home of family grieving. So week 3 was a total bust. However week 4 has been great. Length work daily then pumping almost immediately after. I’m honestly surprised to see any change at all but I assume it’s either a measurement difference or an EQ difference. The fact that I’m slightly longer but slightly thinner is a touch annoying but I’m also early on and was very irregular on girth work.Anyways, onward to next month, there should only be 3 days that I’ll miss due to travel for a wedding and a laser hair removal appointment. Good luck y’all and may the gains be with you.