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3 Months Inconsistent Gain

Hello PE community!

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted anything about my PE journey because life got in the way. As 2021 was coming to a close, my life got busier with all the holidays with family n whatnot, so my PE exercises fell by the wayside. There were a few moments where I could complete a routine, but I unfortunately couldn’t return to my daily grind. Because of all of that, I lost a little more than half my gains, so I’m back to where I was a month into my journey. Originally I only wanted to post pictures where I’ve gained, but considering I haven’t seen any picture to show the effects of inconsistency, I thought I would take the opportunity to do so. After all, it really isn’t an actual journey if you only post highlights, right?

So because I’ve lost half my gains, I’ll be cutting back my routine time to when it was a month in my PE journey. I have seen some posts that say that the gains come back quicker after an inconsistent streak, so let’s hope that will be the same case for me! I don’t know how I will title future posts after this, but I do plan on posting whenever I return to by 6.5” measurement. I’m also doing some manual ball stretching, so if I see any noticeable difference with that, I’ll make sure to document that part of the journey as well.


8/19/21 – 6.0625 x 5.125

8/29/21 – 6.1875 x 5.125 | Post 1

9/7/21 – 6.25 x 5.125 | Post 2

9/19/21 – 6.375 x 5.125 | Post 3

10/19/21 – 6.5 x 5.125 | Post 4

1/20/22 – 6.25 x 5.125

Oh and I already know some people will ask what’s my routine so here it is:

SH Out4053
SH Down4053
SH Left4053
SH Up4053
SH Right4053

SH = Static Hold, BTC = Between the Cheeks

I masturbate and ejaculate before starting the routine to prevent any erections during the process (and to test a theory that your penis stretches more after ejaculating). I do these set of exercises a total of 6 times which equals up to over an hour of just stretching each day. No rest days

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