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120 Days of Gains

Via Reddit:

Just want to update my progress! It’s been 4 months ever since I began PE. I’m relatively satisfied with my girth gains (for now) and for that reason I’m switching to a length focused routine. Before I do I just want to dive into my last two months of pumping and clamping. The month of May was the 2nd month of my PE journey. Since the school semester ended, I picked up working construction for the summer. 8-10 hour shifts followed by 1-2 hours of the gym, eating enough, and having a social life makes it hard to fit Pe in my day. I use to stay up late having all the time in the world to maximize my Pe sessions but for the last two months it’s been inconsistent. I was not getting enough sleep if I did my existing routine so I am forced to dial it down. -Massage gun 5 mins (I put some lube on before I start with the lowest setting of the gun and work my way up to level 3 by the 2:30 minute mark.) -Pump(bathmate)4×7 (Ah yes, the notorious bathmate.. so I wish I knew more about these pumps before I bought the hydromax7. I pump at what I think is 7Hg. Unfortunately I’m not able to know for certain. I go in erect.) -Clamp 2×10 (I’ve been cable clamping for 2 months now. I wouldn’t recommend edging with a cable clamp. I did for a month and luckily I didn’t encounter an injury but I swiftly stopped edging once I felt my pelvic floor feeling a bit over worked. I use the cable cuff but I’m looking to switch to rings as the cuff doesn’t stretch and it’s quite terrifying. I have cock rings coming in this week!) That’s as far as my girth routine goes. Pumping has become inconvenient because I sit in the tub every other day. I’m simply burnt out too. I have not gained any length gains relative to my previous EQ improvements. My length fluctuates between 6.5-6.8 and now that my my girth has increased I’m looking for aesthetics. I decided to take up the 1-3 protocol. I’m very excited because I’ll have the DIY vacuum hanger complete this week, won’t have to do manuals ( arm gets tired :O ), and I’ll be able to do other things while I’m danglin weights from my penis. That’s all for now. I’ll most likely update on my length progress within a few months! 🙂