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1.5 years of work


Did pe for a year or so unreliably in early 2000s.

Gained my newbie half inch rather quick from lig stretching. Did manuals and the archaic showercap hanging method back then.

Always did manuals over the years but just for a min or so while showering.

Decided about dec of 2021 to try this again and be dedicated this time.

Started for a month of manuals for a crazy amount of time and an ads until i got tired of taping and ordered the male hanger.

Ive had a super simple routine. Hang 20 min sets. 3 sets a night, 5 times a week.

Pump once on weekend on an offday.

Thats it.

Started with 5lbs and got up to 15lbs but it killed my eq so currently at 12.5lbs.

The results were slow but steady and cant deny that this works. Ive gained .75″ and im sure its mainly been shaft gains and so for the next year im switching the routine up……

I have an L bracket on the wall with a pulley, hanging straight out with male hanger. Doing bundled twisted hanging,fulcrum hanging, and incorporating the currently popular tunica release ( dick massaging while stretched) technique on my last set…. Then jumping in the pump for 3 or 4 two min interval pump sets to finish off. Also taking 3 days off a week now.

Hope to gain another .75″ then will be girth focused.

Its hard work, takes a crazy persons dedication, but it works and damn it i wish i did this sooner.